Drop-Off and Pick-Up Guidelines

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Crescent Elementary School

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Guidelines

Drop-off for students in the mornings:

Drop-off may begin when the sidewalk begins at the drop-off sign. If you drop off your student(s) at that point, you may exit through the parking area. DO NOT USE THE PARKING AREA AS A DROP-OFF ZONE UNLESS YOU ARE PARKED IN A STALL.

For optimal safety, we still encourage all of you to wait in line, pull forward as much as possible, and drop your students off closer to the student drop-off area near the chain link fence. The safety patrol members are trained to wait to aid pedestrians until all cars have pulled forward and fill the drop-off zone.

Parents of our kindergarten students, if you would like to watch your student walk to the kindergarten area, please park in the parking area so as not to block the drop-off zone. Please use crosswalks at all times.

Once students arrive at school they should begin the morning walk.


Pick-up for students in the afternoons:

Students who are waiting for a ride will line up horizontally along the sidewalk that meets the grassy area in front of the south side of the school near the chain link fence. When they see you they may walk to your car, if you are in the designated drop-off and pick-up area.

Bus students will walk out to the playground area, exit through the fence gate to the sidewalk, and proceed to their respective buses.

Kindergarten students may stay in their kindergarten area, but as above, please park in a stall if you would like to get out of your car to pick up your student.

Never leave your car unattended in the drop-off zone.