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New Elementary Schedule

Following recommendations from a task force of elementary school teachers, the Canyons Board of Educationapproveda new elementary school schedule that will restore early-out Fridays and provide teachers with the tools they need to help ensure success for every student beginning in August of 2015. 

The schedule stems from a proposal crafted by the Task Force, which included teachers from each of CSD’s 29 elementary schools and Jordan Valley School. The Task Force has met since December to gather information, problem-solve, and receive feedback from colleagues to develop a schedule that fully supports elementary school communities and ensures students are on track to becoming college- and career-ready. 

The new schedule will give teachers time during the school day to collaborate to ensure each student succeeds. Trained specialists will provide curriculum-based instruction in areas such as physical education, arts or music while teachers meet to collaborate and plan their instructional strategies.

Early-out days will be held onFridays only. School will not release early on other days during short weeks in which classes are not held on Fridays. During such times, collaboration and planning time for teachers will be adjusted as appropriate. 

What does this mean for Crescent Elementary?

Next year, we will have Brain Boosters.  Brain Boosters are 30 minutes sessions where students work with Instructional Technicians. 

Crescent’s Instructional Technicians:

Media Instructional Technicians:  Lila MacFarlane & Ginger Brooks

Playworks/PE Instructional Technician:  Aimee Carr

Music Instructional Technician:  Debbie Bierman

STEM Instructional Technician: E.K. Koss

In grades 1st through 5th, students will be combined into four teams.  The four groups will spend 30 minutes in each Brain Booster on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays.  Kindergarten, due to their half day schedule, will have one Playworks lesson per week. 

Brain Booster Schedule

K – Monday or Wednesday

1st Grade -- Monday and Wednesday afternoons

2nd Grade -- Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

3rd Grade -- Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons

4th Grade -- Tuesday and Thursday mornings

5th Grade -- Monday and Wednesday afternoons

We are very excited for our students to have these enriching, learning opportunities.  If you have questions about Brain Boosters, please contact Principal Robison @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.