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Burlington Stores Adopts Crescent Elementary, Donates $10,000 for Classroom Supplies

Burlington Stores Adopts Crescent Elementary, Donates $10,000 for Classroom Supplies
The sounds of cheers flooded the hallways of Crescent Elementary today, and that was before the guests of honor even entered the room. "Now I'm starting to get nervous," Burlington Stores manager Cedric Reeves said with a smile as he cracked open the wooden door to the multi-purpose room and greeted every student and teacher in the school. 

The teachers and students had been summoned there under a ruse — tricked by Principal Camie Mo29216468_10155067106576580_854465232230154240_o.jpgntague to attend a schoolwide behavior assembly — but really, they were about to get a huge surprise. "You guys are never going to believe this," Montague told the crowd. "We pulled a prank on the teachers." Reeves and coworker Elizabeth Mathieu, who oversees loss prevention at the store, presented a massive $10,000 check to the school. The money, which was donated to Crescent Elementary from Burlington Stores, in partnership with, will be divided among all of the school's teachers and used for school purchases.

"I know this school, I know the situation they are in," said Reeves, who is manager of a Burlington store that will be opening on March 21 on 10453 S. State Street. The company regularly selects a school located near their stores to receive donations through funding. Reeves suggested the company donate to Crescent Elementary, where his wife is a first-grade teacher.

"I know the impact this will have on the teachers," Reeves said. "We are part of the community and we are here to serve you however we can."

The teachers' jaws dropped when they saw the size of the check and the students roared even louder. The school will have one year to use the funds — but Montague is sure Crescent's 32 teachers won't have a problem finding a use for the money. The teachers are able to spend the money at more than 30 vendors partnered with Burlington Stores and Adopt a Classroom, including Office Depot, Best Buy and Scholastic. The school can make purchases on "everything from technology to field trip expenses," according to a statement from Burlington Stores.

"I can't even believe it," Montague said. "This is just one more thing to help our kids be successful in the classroom. I'm super excited. I can't even believe it."

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Crescent PTA Annual FUNDRAISER

It costs about $30 per student each year to run the PTA programs

Please consider donating as neighbors, as an extended family or as a business to help even more students.

Interested in sponsoring a specific program? Your family or business can do that! It can be anonymous or we can advertise your sponsorship at the event and in the newsletter. Email us your sponsorship choice and information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Any and ALL donations are tax deductible and needed and appreciated!
Thanks for making our school GREAT!

If this fundraiser raises $12,000 the students will earn a chalk COLOR PARTY!!

Returned donation envelopes will earn your student a small prize.

Please donate generously

Click the button below to use PayPal (PayPal account not required) to make your secure online donation to Crescent PTA.

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Canyons District has a great Digital Citizenship resource available for parents and students. It is called Parent Connections, and is accessed through the Canyons District website or directly at:
Crescent Elementary recently sent home a brochure for parents with tips and resources to help keep our students safe. To download a copy in English or Spanish, click here.

We look forward in December to Netsmartz Utah coming to teach our students about Digital Citizenship, and how to stay safe while navigating the digital world.

Click here for the Canyons District Digital Citizenship Tip of the Month.

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Elementary Schedule

Our Booster schedule gives teachers time during the school day to collaborate and get professional development to ensure each student succeeds. Booster teachers teach for 30 minutes and our students rotate to all booster teachers. Our Booster teachers are trained specialists that provide curriculum-based instruction in areas such as physical education, art, engineering, and music while core teachers meet to collaborate and plan their instructional strategies.

Early-out days will be held on Fridays except on parent teacher conference weeks. On those weeks early out will be on that Thursday. Parent teacher conferences only happen twice a year, once in the fall and in the spring. School will not release early on other days during short weeks in which classes are not held on Fridays. During such times, collaboration and planning time for teachers will be adjusted as appropriate. 


Crescent’s Instructional Technicians:

Media Instructional Technicians:  Lila Macfarlane & Ginger Brooks
Playworks/PE Instructional Technician:  Nancy Bromfield
Music Instructional Technician:  Marie Smith
STEM Instructional Technician: Estefanya Yuritza Jensen
Art Instructional Technician: Katie James

We are very excited for our students to have these enriching, learning opportunities.  If you have questions about Brain Boosters, please contact Principal Lloyd @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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