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Congratulations to Casey Draper, Crescent's Teacher of the Year!

At Crescent Elementary, Casey Draper understands that being a teacher often means reaching beyond the classroom into the community. Draper is a leader in the building when it comes to student success, but she also reaches past that sphere to impact the Crescent community. In November, she organized and ran the school’s food drive. In March, she organized art supply bags to donate to a homeless shelter, and she is always looking for people who might need a hug, some well wishes, or even a little chocolate. Draper is known as Crescent’s “can-do girl,” and it is with great pleasure she has been chosen as Crescent’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.IMG 7043

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Congratulations to Ellen Stone, Jordan Credit Union's Project 100 winner! She won $100 for being such an amazing asset to our school!

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