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Start of school delayed until Aug. 24 in response to teacher, community concerns

The first day of school in Canyons District this fall has been pushed back one week. 

By making a slight change to the academic calendar for the 2020-2021 school year, members of the Canyons Board of Education decided Tuesday to start school on Monday, Aug. 24 instead of Monday, Aug. 17.

The decision was made during a regular meeting of the Board of Education held at the Canyons District Offices, 9361 S. 300 East. 

“The change to the academic calendar was made after much reflection, review, and thoughtful input from parents, teachers and students,” said Nancy Tingey, President of the Canyons Board of Education. “The slight postponement of the start of the school year honors requests from our hard-working teachers while also minimizing disruption to families’ schedules.”  

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Welcome 2020-2021

Hello, Crescent Family!                                                           

It has been one extraordinarily fast summer and I hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of the vacation prone to fun and adventure. We have been very busy preparing for another exciting school year developing a healthy, happy, social emotional, behavioral and intellectual learning environment.

I hope you are looking forward to an amazing year together!  We have been through many changes, together we will get through it! I know you are up for the challenge to motivate our students this year by helping them develop a strong sense of self, community, care for others and meaningful relationships while having fun and learning.

We will not be holding our annual back to school night. We want to make sure that we follow state and health guidelines as we begin our journey through unchartered waters. Grade level teams, PTA, SCC, Watchdogs and administration will be creating a back to school presentation that will be sent out through CANVAS. Please use our school website for the latest and greatest, including our current safety plan.

Kindergarten teachers will meet with parents and students individually by appointment August 17–19. You will receive an appointment time by August 13th. If not, please call the main office at 801-826-8200.

Everyone is anxious to know class placement for the 2020-21 school year. After everyone has registered for their school option we will reevaluate class lists and they will be made available as soon as possible. No later than 4:01PM Friday, August 14th on skyward.

Note: you must complete all portions of the online registration process to view class placement.

~If  you are new to the school/district please bring proof of address, immunization records, and birth certificates for each of your children. Contact the school for drop in times.

If you have questions, please call us at 801-826-8200 between 9:00-2:00 PM.

I’m looking forward to a great school year!

CRESCENT CUBS ARE COURAGEOUS, because we look out for each other!

Camie Montague

Principal, Crescent Elementary

Crescent Back to School Safety Plan

Crescent Elementary School Plan

V.1 July 23, 2020



Procedures and Protocols to Mitigate the Risks


  • Students encouraged to wear face coverings as they arrive, if physical distancing is not possible
  • Students will line up at grade level doors by teacher using physical distancing guidelines
  • Students will enter grade level doors
  • Schedule will be staggered by teacher’s last name



  • Students will enter through exterior cafeteria doors
  • Physical distancing tables will be marked for all food services
  • Breakfast seating will be marked by grade level


  • Minimize furniture and other things not needed for instruction
  • Purchase buffs for all students.  Students will have options for face coverings based on need, availability, and safety guidelines.
  • Appropriate face coverings are not limited to face coverings, buffs, or plastic face shield/covering
  • Change in language and routines for table or partner work “face covering up…. Share____ with your partner”
  • When appropriate, students will be forward facing
  • When reasonable, stations will be assigned to students based off of table partners i.e.…SBI stations, carpet, oral language, boosters
  • Physical distancing addressed by desks being separated as much as possible
  • Students will be assigned table partners that they will transition, work, and have lunch with to minimize risk


  • Traffic flow has already been established through our ROARS rules.  Students walk on the right side of the hall
  • We have square carpet tiles and students will be trained to this space for physical distancing
  • We already stagger boosters, lunch, and recess.  We will continue to use the staggered schedule
  • We have already established hands folded, face forward, and no talking in the halls. We will continue to follow these rules


  • 1”- 2” blocks will be added to the hinged side of the bathroom doors to prop them open so that students do not have to pull on door handles
  • We will also train age-appropriate students to use paper towels for drying their hands, to open the bathroom door, and provide additional garbage cans where needed
  • Bathroom/drinks will be taken care of before going outside, boosters, or lunch
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized during recesses


  • Students have been and will continue to be assigned seating by grade level
  • The cafeteria and gymnasium will be used to accommodate 2nd grade levels at a staggered schedule
  • Students will be staggered so that no one is sitting across from each other

Brain Boosters

  • Playworks will conduct class when weather permits, outside
  • Students will have assigned seating in all Booster classes
  • When appropriate, table partners will be assigned to the same Booster group, work station, and lunch table
  • All students will use hand sanitizer when entering Booster classes
  • Students will re-sanitize before entering stations where they have manipulatives

Tier II Support

  • When appropriate, students and instructors will follow physical distancing guidelines
  • When appropriate, students and instructors will wear a face covering or buff during small group instruction
  • When appropriate, plastic guards will be used during small group instruction
  • When appropriate, students and instructors will be provided a plastic face shield/covering


  • Create five recess stations for the week.  Grade levels will rotate to each station
  • Each grade level will play at the same station during grade level and lunch recess that day
  • Sanitizer/cleaner will be provided when students are touching/using equipment

Lunch Recess

  • Create five recess stations for the week.  Grade levels will rotate to each station
  • Each grade level will play at the same station during grade level and lunch recess that day
  • Sanitizer/cleaner will be provided when students are touching/using equipment

Computers/ Chromebooks / iPads

  • All technology is assigned to a specific student in all classrooms. We will add sanitizing to our regular routine
  • In the Booster class, part of clean-up will be sanitizing their own station

Large Gatherings, including Assemblies, Back to School, etc.

  • We will not be participating in large group activities


  • We will create a log of who is volunteering. They will check-in at the office. We will have a Volunteer Room where they can work to lessen the risk of COVID.
  • In order to help mitigate risks and maintain contact tracing requirements, volunteers will not be working in the classrooms at this time.

Special Programs

  • NA


  • We have approximately 20 students that participate.  They will continue to meet in a dedicated room
  • Students will wear face coverings, when appropriate
  • Students and teachers will observe physical distancing guidelines


  • Teachers call down to the office prior to sending students with COVID symptoms
  • Office staff will put on PPE to assess students
  • Students will be assessed using the state health guidelines
  • Sick Room bathroom will be used to quarantine one student with COVID symptoms
  • Our Think Room can be used for overflow
  • Contact the school nurse
  • The custodian will sanitize all areas, as needed
  • The Sick Room will be used as a sick room



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