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Congratulations to 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Lawson, Crescent’s 2021 Teacher of the Year!

A great educator is one who inspires, teaches, and encourages the mind and heart. This year’s Teacher of the Year Ms. Lawson is exactly that kind of teacher! She is the teacher that every parent dreams his or her child will have. She is loving, giving, and sensitive to the needs of not only the learners in her class, grade, and school, but also all with whom she comes in contact. Ms. Lawson embodies the belief that all students have the right to be taught by a highly effective teacher who believes in them and their growth and success. She knows her students well. She determines their strengths and weaknesses and identifies strategies and resources that will aid her in helping her students grow and improve. She implements universal screening, progress monitoring, and instructional strategies that are based on research. She uses tiered instruction that matches the needs of individual students to activities and materials suited just for them. She is always looking for ways to make her instruction engaging in a fun way. Ms. Lawson’s classroom is a bright inviting space where all are welcome! She is passionate about teaching. Her teaching style is fun and interactive in a calm nurturing way. She shows her students love and respect and they reciprocate with the same love and respect. She shares her life experiences and things she loves with her students, teammates, and the faculty. She is a life-long learner with a growth mindset. She is continually open to new opportunities to improve her instruction and hone her teaching craft. She is an amazing teacher who is so deserving of this award!

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