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Digital Citizenship Plan 2018-2019

Digital Citizenship plan 2018-2019 -

  • Casey Draper - Digital Citizenship Coordinator
  • Teacher Education - All teachers and staff received beginning of the year training and policy manual review. Faculty meeting presentation on laptop security and digital citizenship 11/20. Monthly emails are sent to each teacher with a Dig. Cit. tip.
  • Student Education - All students are taught Digital Citizenship lessons (5+ minutes) in the technology booster by Mrs. Green. Each is grade-level appropriate.
  • Parent Outreach - A district-created brochure about Digital Citizenship will be sent home in October. At spring conferences, a booth will be set up with brochures and flyers, free resources from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). The school website is linked to the district Parent Connections page. Tips will be periodically posted in the school newsletter.

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