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Crescent Elementary

School Rules

(Refer to Code_of_Conduct.pdf for additional information.)

Respect is the key word at Crescent Elementary. Respect for self, respect for others, and respect for property. Please keep this in mind as you review these rules.

General Information:
Notes from parents will be required daily if you need to stay in for recess.
Respect all adults within the school and follow their directions.
Follow district dress code (AA419)

School Rules:
Be on time
Walk quietly and orderly in the building.
Respect others' rights.
Respect property.
Do your best work and complete it on time.

Play in assigned areas.
Stay away from the building when kicking or throwing balls.
When the bell rings, walk quickly to entrance.
No fighting, roughhousing, or pushing.
No skateboards, rollerblades, or heelies.
Tackle football or hardball are not allowed.
Snowball throwing, snow/ice sliding are not allowed.
Stay out of the lawn sprinkler spray and puddles.
Do not play around cars.

Before and After School:
Use grade level entrance and exit.
On good days play outside; on stormy days come in.

Lunch Room:
Use quiet voices and always walk.
Clean your area before leaving.
Food is to remain in cafeteria.

Be courteous, remain quiet.
Applaud to show appreciation for performer.
Booing or whistling is never appropriate.

Behavior and Discipline:
Students at Crescent Elementary learn responsibility by making choices and accepting the consequences for their choices. If a student chooses to continually disregard the guidelines or is involved in fighting or shows repeated lack of respect for others or property, the following may occur:
       1.   Parent conference with teacher and/or principal
       2.   In-school suspension with parent conference
       3.   School suspension and parent conference with principal
       4.   Expulsion